Portage Academy

A huge part of a young person’s life, school is often a source of stress and peer pressure. Before coming to Portage, many residents have struggled in school, and some had even abandoned their studies all together.


To help them get back on track and learn how to succeed in a school environment, our drug addiction rehabilitation centres for youth feature on-site school programming, provided by local school boards.

Our clients are better able to manage their academic responsibilities at Portage Academy because of:

  • Small class sizes

  • Specialised and dedicated teachers

  • Learning programs adapted to individual needs

The attention and encouragement students get at Portage Academy help them to rediscover their academic abilities, often reawakening the drive to complete secondary school and even to go on to post-secondary studies.

Many of our residents have completed their high school diploma while at Portage, and many others have gone back to school to do so after drug addiction rehabilitation treatment.

"It's a winning format at Portage Academy. You get to complete the courses you missed and it re-motivates you to succeed in school."

- Jean-Christophe, Portage Graduate

"At Portage Academy, I was able to complete all of my courses to pass Secondary 4, which I hadn't been able to do at my school."

- Jessica, Portage Graduate