Safety, Security & Quality Assurance

With client safety at the core of everything we do, we prides itself on the quality of its services and is constantly working to incorporate improvements.


Accreditation Canada, an external regulatory body, has recognised that Portage is engaged in an ongoing process of service quality and safety improvement. Read more

Risk Management Committee

Portage’s Risk Management Committee, made up of Portage staff members, is mandated to seek, develop, and promote means of ensuring the quality of services offered and the safety of residents.  It also seeks to reduce the incidences of adverse effects and accidents related to the provision of health services and social services. The committee reports quarterly to Portage’s Program Review Committee, which ensures that adjustments are made and implemented.

The objectives of the committee are to:

  • Ensure that quality services are provided to Portage residents in a safe environment;

  • Clearly define the role of each employee so that they may actively participate in doing so;

  • Protect human, material, informational, and financial resources at all Portage establishments.

Users' Committee

Portage's Users’ Committee is a member of RPCU (regroupement provincial des comités des usagers).  Its purpose is to:

  • Inform residents of their rights and obligations;

  • Foster the improvement of the quality of residents’ living conditions and assess their degree of satisfaction with regard to the services obtained;

  • Defend the common rights and interests of residents or, at the request of a resident, his or her rights and interests before the organisation or any competent authority;

  • Accompany and assist a resident, on request, in any action he or she undertakes;

  • Ensure the proper operation of each of the Resident’s Committees, if applicable, and see that they have the resources necessary to exercise their functions.

Satisfaction & Complaints

Portage seeks to provide quality services and to ensure client satisfaction. However, those who are not satisfied with Portage's services have the right to make a verbal or written complaint.

All Portage clients are informed about how to file a complaint in the Resident’s Manual they receive upon admission. A copy of the procedure on how complaints are handled can be obtained from Portage management, the Residents’ Committee, the Users’ Committee, or from the Local Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner.

Clients who make a complaint have the right to an appropriate response and corrective measures, where necessary, as quickly as possible.

View Local Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner Brochure