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Freedom from addiction

Portage is a Canadian non-profit organisation that helps people suffering from substance abuse-related problems to overcome their dependencies and live healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Since 1970, we helped tens of thousands of people to take back control of their lives with our specialised drug rehabilitation programs for adolescents, adults, pregnant women and mothers with children, the aboriginal community, adults with mental health issues, and individuals referred by the justice system.

We provide drug addiction rehabilitation treatment, based on the therapeutic community approach, in our various centres in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario.

Mission - Vision - Values

We foster the strengths and skills of substance-dependent persons to enable them, through comprehensive and cost-effective interventions based on the therapeutic community approach, to live lives of sobriety, filled with dignity, self-respect, and accomplishment.
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Therapeutic Community

Our community of residents is the principal means for promoting personal change, through self-help and mutual support. Residents and staff members participate in the management and operation of the community, contributing to a psychologically and physically safe learning environment.

The focus is on the social, psychological, and behavioural dimensions of substance abuse and on learning how to manage the challenges of everyday life without drugs. The supportive community environment works to heal individuals emotionally, and to support the development of behaviours, attitudes, and values of healthy living. Read more

About Us


Accredited by Accreditation Canada, we are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of our services and ensuring the safety of our clients. Read more


We believe in the importance of program evaluation in order to continuously improve the quality of our programs and services. Read more


Our programs are staffed by multidisciplinary teams of individuals who are committed to supporting our clients’ growth and development. Read more


Our Confidentiality Policy is built around our organisational core value of respect for the individual. Read more


As a non-profit organisation, Portage is governed by a Board of Trustees, a Board of Governors, as well as Regional Boards. Read more


Portage was founded in 1970 by a group of Montreal citizens who were concerned about the increasing prevalence of drug addiction in the city. Read more

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